Chisila Community School

Chorlton High School is one of three UK Schools involved in piloting an exciting Schools of Good Hope Project run by Sale-based Charity, PEPAIDS.

The aim of “Schools of Good Hope” is to partner UK Schools with rural community schools in Zambia, to help fight poverty and HIV/AIDS.  Schools are buddied-up on a one to one basis, and through communication via pictures, letters and youtube videos, pupils in both countries get to learn about each other and gain an insight into a culture they might never otherwise have known about.

For the Schools in Zambia, being partnered with a UK school brings tremendous new hope to the lives of children who live in severe poverty and are affected by the impact of HIV/AIDS every day. The project has been a huge success and the linking of these two communities has enabled pupils from two continents to share dreams, discuss realities and learn from one another.

Working with the School of Good Hope in Chisila has impacted greatly on many of the students in Chorlton High School.  As part of the Year 7 and 8 tutor curriculum we have been looking at ‘Community’ and ‘Charity’ and we have used The School of Good Hope as a stimulus for many discussions.  This allows our pupils to think about and discuss many issues which affect their lives whilst relating them to both their community and the larger community.

We have dedicated aspects of our curriculum to link explicitly with PEPAIDS. This has enabled us to provide our pupils with real life case studies on a range of important issues. The impact of this is immense; pupils are able to link their learning and knowledge of sensitive issues to real people in real situations. This has resulted in a deeper understanding as well as the ability to show empathy and to consider our global connections. The bloggs, photographs, stories and film footage are used on a weekly basis to support lessons, our tutor curriculum and assemblies. We also share this information with pupils in social times in school as we use Chorlton High TV as a way of broadcasting Chisila updates.

Our students have also completed a number of fundraising activities to raise much needed funds for Chisila Community School, including supporting a teacher's salary for a year and funding a free breakfast club at the school.

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