Year 11 Revision Sessions

We have a number of Saturday revision sessions and a full Easter revision schedule on offer- please see the timetable below. All sessions run from 9.30 – 12.30 and students are expected to be prompt, equipped and ready to learn in this value extra time. Alongside this students are expected to be working independently revising at home so that they are fully prepared and can secure success in the summer exam season.

Spring 2 

Date Time Subject
Saturday 4th March 9.30-12.30 English Language
Saturday 11th March 9.30-12.30 ICT
Saturday 11th March 9.30-12.30 Triple Science Biology / Additional Science / Core Science 
Saturday 25th March 9.30-12.30 Food Technology

Easter Holidays 

Date Time Subject
Monday 3rd April  9.30-12.30 Textiles / Food Technology
Tuesday 4th April  9.30-12.30 Child Development
Tuesday 4th April 9.30-12.30 Geography
Wednesday 5th April 9.30-12.30 Food Technology
Wednesday 5th April 9.30-12.30 GCSE Music
Thursday 6th April  9.30-12.30 ICT
Thursday 6th April  9.30-12.30 Triple Science / Additional Science / Core Science
Friday 7th April  9.30-12.30 Art / Photography
Monday 10th April  9.30-12.30 Maths
Tuesday 11th April  9.30-12.30 Drama
Wednesday 12th April  9.30-12.30 History
Thursday 13th April  9.30-12.30 English Lit Papers
Thursday 13th April  9.30-12.30 Literature Paper 1 (J&H)
Thursday 13th April  9.30-12.30 Literature Paper 1 (Macbeth)
Thursday 13th April  9.30-12.30 Literature Paper 2 

Summer 1 

Date Time Subject
Saturday 22nd April 9.30-12.30 French - Foundation
Saturday 22nd April 9.30-12.30 English Language / Literature
Saturday 29th April 9.30-12.30 French - Higher
Saturday 6th May 9.30-12.30 Spanish - Foundation
Saturday 6th May 9.30-12.30 Chemistry / Biology / Physics
Saturday 13th May 9.30-12.30 Spanish - Higher
Saturday 13th May 9.30-12.30 Geography
Saturday 13th May 9.30-12.30 BCS - Unit 8 
Saturday 20th May 9.30-12.30

Triple Science Physics & Biology /Additional Science / Core Science 

Saturday 20th May 9.30-12.30 Textiles
Saturday 20th May 9.30-12.30 English Literature
Saturday 20th May 9.30-12.30 English: Lord of the Flies

May Half Term

Date Time Subject
Tuesday 30th May 9.30-12.30 Maths
Wednesday 31st May 9.30-12.30 Geography
Wednesday 31st May 9.30-12.30 Science
Thursday 1st June 9.30-12.30 Language Papers
Thursday 1st June 9.30-12.30 Language Paper 1
Thursday 1st June 9.30-12.30 Language Paper 2
Friday 2nd June 9.30-12.30 Food Technology

Summer 2 

Date Time Subject
Saturday 10th June 9.30-12.30 Triple Science Chemistry & Physics / Additional Science / Core Science
Saturday 10th June 9.30-12.30 Child Development
Saturday 24th June 9.30-12.30 Product Design