Frog - VLE

 At Chorlton High School we are thrilled to announce the introduction of our very own Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called FROG Learn, new for 2014-2015. FROG Learn is compatible with iPads, tablets and Smartphones and is very user-friendly.


So what is our VLE?

Our VLE is a fantastic learning platform, that is accessed over the internet to support Teaching and Learning in school. All of our staff and students have a personal ‘log on’ which then gives access to their own customisable homepage or “dashboard”.  This can be accessed at school, at home or on the move using mobile devices.

Our VLE log in page can be found at the following website address

We recommend that students and parents log on using Internet Explorer or, if using a MAC, Google Chrome.

How can the VLE benefit our students?

FROG Learn is an amazing resource and can be used by our students in many ways to:

  • Access their timetable and a personal dashboard
  • Access their Independent Assessments (homework)
  • View the assignments that have been assigned to them and the due date in the assignments app
  • Use FROG Play, where students can access games based revision and extend their learning for all subject areas!
  • Obtain exam arrangement information throughout the year
  • Access and upload work to their FROG drive, where they can store and transfer electronic work between school and home
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Access the Digital Safety portal to find out how to stay safe online
  • Listen to music, podcasts and video clips
  • View school notices and upcoming events
  • Celebrate their work and achievements

FROG Wednesdays

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday F52 will be available from 3-4pm for Year 7, 8 and 9 students to complete their independent assessments, get staff support and go on Frog Learn or Frog Play.