Chorlton High School is committed to providing quality and impartial careers education, information and guidance ensuring students are able to make informed and aspirational choices about their future routes. At the core of all the careers work is the belief that quality CIEAG has a positive effect on student engagement, attitudes and outcomes.

The careers programme is comprehensive; CEIAG is delivered through the Academic curriculum, Life Skills curriculum and the Enrichment curriculum.

Each year group has a particular focus and drive

  • Year 7 – Dare to dream – Aspiration and the mapping of skills and abilities.
  • Year 8 – Recognising and developing Employability skills. Option choices for KS4.
  • Year 9 – Researching career choices and where the subjects being studied can lead. Looking at which skills are missing and need to be acquired. Development of the Qualities of Success (QOS)
  • Year 10 – Researching College courses and the further development/embedding of employability skills through work experience. Developing skills and interests profile and building on the Qualities of Success.
  • Year 11- Consolidating the Qualities of Success and employability skills. Deciding on which route to follow and completing the application process. Securing the grades required. 

The Achievement Team

Throughout the school year the Achievement Team plan and deliver various careers events to raise aspiration, broaden the understanding of different career choices and provide an insight into different routes. To date students have had insight into ICT, STEM and Languages amongst others. During these events students have had the opportunity to meet and speak to professionals from many different fields who come and share insights about their careers, qualifications and job roles.

Careers Advisor

The school employs a qualified Careers Advisor from 'Our Futures' who meets with every student in Year 10 or in Year 11. Students are able to gain individualised advice and guidance on their proposed courses and routes post 16. The careers advisor can also be seen by any student at any time by simply making an appointment at the Library or by attending one of the drop-in sessions offered on a Monday after school. 


All our students can access resources and information at any time by using the careers section in the Library where they can pick up prospectuses, leaflets and application forms.

Useful websites

The school has also invested in TWO on-line software packages to provide additional impartial careers advice and guidance.

Cascaid offers each student personalised career information on possible career choices based on interests, skills and subjects being studied.  Students can make and update an individual action plan based on goals set and accomplished. When students login for the first time, they will need to follow the instructions given on the screen.

This website offers students information on thousands of careers giving details of qualification required, wages, job roles and related information. Log in details are available from the Library. 


There are also a great many additional websites that offer valuable careers information. - this is the official government site and offers information on a wide range of careers, job roles and CV writing. There are a number of career tools that support choices about future routes. – offers information about different apprenticeships and provides details of current vacancies. – students can watch films and videos about different jobs. - Information on the wide range of careers within the NHS. – offers advice on course choices and options after doing GCSE’s.  In addition students can start thinking about universities and course entry requirements – students can take a free aptitude test to see which job they are suited to.