Gifted & Talented

Talent Spotting

An excellent record with G&T students

High ability students attain phenomenally and leave Chorlton High School with a high level of academic and personal achievement. In 2017, 201 student achieved at least 1 A/A* or equivalent grade, 45 students achieved an impressive string of over eight A/A* grades, and the new Grade 9 was awarded to 33 students. Good relationships with local sixth form providers ensure students' continued educational progression and we have developed impressive links with Oxford and Cambridge Universities through regular presentations and visits. We are pleased to hear of many ex-students progressing onto Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities every year.

Educating the Gifted & Talented at Chorlton High School

At Chorlton High School we aim to ensure that all students are successful, that they ‘go further, faster and have the foundations for lifelong success’. An important part of this is making sure that the needs of the most able are catered for, ensuring that they are constantly challenged, well motivated and that their individual gifts are continually developed.

We provide an exciting, challenging, vibrant curriculum and support to enable each student who has been identified as Gifted and Talented to reach their full potential.  Each department monitors the progress of Gifted and Talented students and secures their progress by ensuring challenge and support in the classroom as well as enriching experiences. In addition, every department provides a provision map of enrichment opportunties for students and evaluates its impact on students' attainment and progress.

Further Reading List

Chorlton High staff have worked together to produce a 'further reading' list that should appeal to readers of all ages. There are a number of texts, grouped into subject areas, that enrich the learning already carried out in school. None of the books are intended to be a part of a subject's teaching; they are there purely for enjoyment! The benefit of reading around a subject is that it will support, enrich and enhance subject knowledge and enthuse our learners to want more. The books also make great birthday and Christmas gifts! There are also a number of recommended magazines, journals and podcasts, together with some excellent websites.You can download a copy of the reading list from the downloads box on the right.

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