Chorlton High School continues to build on its success as an outstanding ITT provider by leading & developing the MTSA School Direct course. School Direct enables graduates to develop close links with local schools as well as receiving academic and University support whilst training to teach at Primary or Secondary level. Please see the Manchester Teaching School Alliance  website for details on the UCAS application process

Why choose MTSA School Direct?

  • Innovative training models to develop resilient, successful & fulfilled professionals who make a difference
  • Structured input on pedagogy with leading Universities
  • Outstanding support from highly trained mentors
  • Trainee networks & collaborative learning opportunities
  • Placements in Manchester Schools

Our Initial Teacher Training Vision:

We will change lives by developing passionate, inspiring, energetic & outstanding professionals who are:

  • Dedicated to relentlessly pursuing success for our children
  • Resilient, caring, emotionally intelligent role models
  • Lifelong learners fulfilling their own potential

What makes us unique?

  • Alliance training sessions uniting a large trainee network across Manchester regularly throughout the course
  • Training from Outstanding practitioners  working in inner city contexts
  • Formal collaboration opportunities with other trainees to engage in research & development of your classroom practice
  • Cross phase training experiences throughout the course (KS1- 5)
  • Outstanding mentors supporting every aspect of  your professional development
  • Residential training experience developing your emotional resilience, mindfulness and happiness
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