Name     Position on Governing Body Specific/ Other Roles Start of Term of Office End of Term of Office How was the appointment made? Pecuniary / Business Interest Comments
Claire Brown Parent Governor

Pupil Premium

15/07/2022 14/07/2026 Parent election None  
Gary Bury Co-opted Governor Health, Safety & Sustainability 13/09/2022 12/09/2026 Co-opted None  
Rebecca Cooper Staff Governor   04/02/2020 03/02/2024 Staff Election None  
Kate Forshaw Parent Governor   15/07/2022 14/07/2026 Parent election None  
Martin Harding Community Governor Safeguarding 11/5/2021 10/05/2025 Co-opted None  
Catherine Hingley Staff Governor   16/03/2021 15/03/2025 Staff election None  
Rebecca Howard Community Governor Chair of Governors 03/10/2022 02/10/2026 Co-opted None  
Emily Jones Community Governor Standards & Curriculum 11/05/2021 10/05/2025 Co-opted None Employed by AQA Exam Board
Katie Jones Community Governor Access & Achievement / SEN 26/01/2021 25/01/2025 Co-opted None Teacher at Piper Hill School (Prospere Trust)
Angela Keane Parent Governor  Attendance & Behaviour 04/12/2018 03/12/2022 Parent election None  
Kashif Malik Co-opted Governor   13/09/2022 12/09/2026 Co-opted None  

Zoe Morris

Headteacher   n/a n/a n/a None  
Alf Parrington Community Governor Resources & Finance  02/10/2022 01/10/2026 n/a None  
Sarah Penrose Staff Governor   13/07/2021 12/07/2025 n/a None  
Mandie Shilton Godwin Community Governor   11/05/2021
Co-opted None Councillor for Manchester City Council
Luke Watson Parent Governor   04/12/2018 28/6/2022 Parent Election None Completed term of office
Edward Fox Parent Governor   20/03/2018 19/03/2022 Parent Election None Completed term of office


Information about the Governance Structure and Scheme of Delegation can be found on the Prospere Trust website. 

Governor Attendance

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