Well Done to the Class of 2021!



Over the past three years over half of our students have achieved grades at 7 or above, with over 60 students achieving Grade 9 each year. This is a phenomenal achievement and a real testament to the way our students work hard, our teachers are skilled to inspire them and how we work in partnership with our parents.

This year we could not be prouder of our Year 11 students – the Class of 2021. Their final two years at school were incredibly challenging, however they showed great resilience and motivation to continue to study. Their results are a testimony to their hard work and commitment not just over the last year, but across the past five years at the school.



Education at our school is not just about exams – it is about transforming the life chances of young people. Our students have received exceptional examination results, however, they leave with so much more as they have embraced education in its fullest sense, which in turn will enable them to have successful, creative and happy futures.



Zoe Morris, Headteacher, paid tribute to the great dedication and commitment of students, staff and parents. 

“I wish to congratulate all students on achieving this year’s excellent examination results. The past eighteen months have been incredibly challenging. The students have worked so hard to overcome the difficulties; discovering how to work from home, adapting to learning differently in school; often having experienced self-isolation or the effects of Covid-19 themselves. These results are so well deserved, and we could not be any prouder of them. They can celebrate today knowing that their hard work, resilience and determination has paid off. 



Over the past five years they have taken the experiences, knowledge and skills that our staff have provided them with which means that they have been able to flourish no matter what the challenges that they have faced. Today we celebrate their phenomenal academic achievements, with many, many students deservedly achieving at the very highest level. We are delighted that our students now have the qualifications and qualities required to embark on the next phase of their lives and we wish them all the best for successful, creative and happy futures.



I would also like to thank staff at the school who have endeavoured to ensure that all students have an excellent foundation for future success. Our school is committed to and, as these results prove, succeeds in delivering, uncompromising academic excellence while enabling students to learn from the rich cultural experience embedded in the Chorlton community. They have constantly gone above and beyond to ensure that students have been able to flourish. 

I am really proud of all of our students’ achievements, and grateful for the unwavering belief from staff and such positive support from parents. Congratulations to all.’


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