The importance of reading should not be overestimated. It is a crucial skill that impacts on all elements of a person's life and learning.

The CHS reading expectation has been that students should read for a minimum of 15 minutes daily. At present, this is more crucial than ever. The more a student reads, the more confident and competent they will become. With more time at home and more time to read, we expect students to be reading for 30 minutes daily during this period. This can be done in one block, or broken up in to chunks. It can be a bedtime novel, news article, non-fiction. It all counts. 
What can I expect in terms of reading material and support:

  • Each week, a non-fiction reading lesson will be available for students to complete as part of their English package of work on Microsoft Teams. This will focus on the reading of a news article and will remind them of the key CHS Reading Strategies.
  • Each week, a fiction reading lesson will be available for students to complete. This will focus on an assigned novel that can be accessed through the CHS e- Library.
  • The CHS e-Library: an online resource of 1500 e-books available to students that they can access online. This will be comprised of a number of online packages: SORA, MyOn and BorrowBox
  • If your child was part of the Accelerated Reader programme in school, then your child will shortly be able to access an additional library of books that they can then quiz on; continuing their Accelerated Reader journey at home. Students will be able to search for books by topic or according to the ZPD score of a book.
  • Weekly parental tips and guidance for encouraging reading and supporting less confident readers.

All of this will be supported by a Developing the Reading Habit chart, encouraging students to log their 15 minute reading chunks. When students have completed their chart, they simply send a picture of the completed chart to the email or tag us on instagram @chorltonhighschool for prizes and recognition.


Developing the Reading Habit

The importance of reading is undeniable. Children who are read to regularly by the age of 5, perform better in maths, vocabulary and spelling at age 16, compared to those who were not read to at home. Similarly, teenagers who read independently are the ones who do best in school according to an Institute of Education survey. Not to mention the benefits to mental health and future wellbeing.

At CHS we are encouraging students to aim for 15 minutes of reading each day. It doesn’t have to be in one session; it can be chunked down. It doesn’t matter whether they read a physical book, an e-book, an informational website connected to something they have been learning about, a graphic novel... so long as they are reading!

In order for students to see how their reading progress is mounting up, and so that we can celebrate their reading miles, we are launching Developing the Reading Habit. For each 15 minute session of reading a student does, they collect a signature and fill up their reading passport. Each passport equates to 10 hours of reading, broken down in to 15 minute chunks. When students have completed a passport, simply take a picture and email it, along with the student’s name and form, to in order to get a reading certificate and to be in with the chance of winning a prize. There are three prizes available for each year group. Not able to print off the chart? Not to worry. It is the reading that matters. Simply collect 40 signatures on a piece of paper and send us a picture.

Developing the reading habit reward chart


CHS e-Library

What do you read when you’ve run out of books or when your school library is no longer available? Go digital!

Chorlton High School has invested in 2 digital libraries for students to use and there is also Borrowbox, your local ebook library as well.

MyON Digital Library 

MyON is a personalised digital library providing access to over 5,000 digital books for students to read or listen to. Students can read online from any mobile device or PC without downloading any extra software. Titles can be matched to each student’s interests and year group and those students in Year 7, 8 and 9 who already take part in the Accelerated Reader programme can also take quizzes on the books that they have been reading.

MyON has a huge range of Non Fiction books and graphic novels. However, there are a large number of classic books available as well, which might be of interest for Year 10 or 11 students that want to continue to expand their reading. All of the books on myON can be read by any number of students at any time. 

How does it work?

Students can access myON here.
Students then choose their school and log in using their computer username and the password “chorlton”. 
For more information on myON, please check out the following tutorials to help you get logged in and starting to read. 

Getting Students Started with MyON

Click here to watch a short film about using MyON and reading books.


E-book Library via SORA

Chorlton High School has also subscribed to an online library, which provides access to 1,500 e-books and audio books. These are available to read through Sora, the student reading app, on any device or PC. Students borrow the books on their account, in a similar way to an ordinary library. 

Some of the books on Sora are available for anyone to read at any time. However as this is a shared collection with other UK schools, it may be that someone else is reading the book you want. If this is the case, then students are encouraged to place a hold on the book. The e-book collection is managed by Overdrive and more copies of popular books will be added if there is a demand.

Year 7 and 8 students will be given access to books that are suitable and appropriate for their age range. Year 9, 10 and 11 students will be given access to all Young Adult books in the collection.

How does it work?

Students using a mobile device or tablet will need to download the Sora app free of charge.

Click here for access to Sora on a PC.

To find Chorlton High School for the first time, use the set up code: uksecondary. 
Students then choose their school and log in using their computer username and the password “chorlton”. 
More information on logging into Sora, please use the following tutorials and information.

Getting Students Started with Sora

Sora video tutorials:

Introducing students to Sora

Getting Students started with Sora

Introducing Sora to teens

Troubleshooting tips

More detailed information on how to use Sora:

Using Sora

Reading statistics and achievements

How to download and stream titles in Sora



The Borrowbox service is available online from your local public library. It is a wonderful way of reading online and there is a huge selection of books available for students and young people to download. To access this, you do need to be a member of your local library. However, you can sign up now and get a temporary membership number that allows you to access Borrowbox.

All the Greater Manchester authorities use Borrowbox, so wherever you live you should be able to sign up.

Borrowbox - User Information, Manchester Libraries

Click here for more information on Borrowbox.

We hope that access to these digital libraries will supplement the reading material that students have at their disposal, so that they are able to enjoy all of the benefits that reading for pleasure brings.


Supporting Reading at Home

New Click and Collect Library for Year 7 students Do you prefer reading a physical book?

Chorlton High School understand that for some students reading online is not an option or less enjoyable than reading a physical book. In order to support this we are trialing a Click and Collect library for Year 7’s over the next two weeks.

Parents and carers and students will be able to email in their book requests to:

Don’t worry if you are not sure what you want. Just give us a rough idea of interests (Fiction, Non Fiction, type of book etc.) Library staff can put together a small selection of books, taking into account what students have enjoyed in the past. If we need more information we will contact you.

If you want to see what is available in the library then you can search the Library Catalogue using the following lin:.

This lists all the books in the library, although please be aware that some books will already be out to other students.

You will then receive an email saying that the books are ready for collection from Chorlton High School reception area.

Books can be collected at the following times: Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm-4pm.

Library staff will be available during these times to hand out the books. If we are busy, we may ask you to queue outside. Library books can also be returned during these times as well.

Keeping Safe

All library books will be wiped down with sanitizer prior to being distributed. Once returned, all borrowed books will be set aside for 72 hours and sanitized prior to becoming available for borrowing again.

At present this service is being trialed for Year 7 students. We hope that you find it useful in supporting your child in their reading. If successful, it may become available to other year groups as well.

Please see document below to access our Click and Collect Library service.

Click and Collect Library


Below you will find resources to help support reading at home.

Supporting Reading at Home

Sora - Fiction for Year 7 and 8 readers

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