The importance of reading should not be overestimated. It is a crucial skill that impacts on all elements of a person's life and learning.

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The CHS reading expectation has been that students should read for a minimum of 15 minutes daily. At present, this is more crucial than ever. The more a student reads, the more confident and competent they will become. With more time at home and more time to read, we expect students to be reading for 30 minutes daily during this period. This can be done in one block, or broken up in to chunks. It can be a bedtime novel, news article, non-fiction. It all counts. 
What can I expect in terms of reading material and support:

  • Each week, a non-fiction reading lesson will be available for students to complete as part of their English package of work on Microsoft Teams. This will focus on the reading of a news article and will remind them of the key CHS Reading Strategies.
  • Each week, a fiction reading lesson will be available for students to complete. This will focus on an assigned novel that can be accessed through the CHS e- Library.
  • The CHS e-Library: an online resource of 1500 e-books available to students that they can access online. This will be comprised of a number of online packages: SORA, MyOn and BorrowBox
  • If your child was part of the Accelerated Reader programme in school, then your child will shortly be able to access an additional library of books that they can then quiz on; continuing their Accelerated Reader journey at home. Students will be able to search for books by topic or according to the ZPD score of a book.
  • Weekly parental tips and guidance for encouraging reading and supporting less confident readers.

All of this will be supported by a Developing the Reading Habit chart, encouraging students to log their 15 minute reading chunks. When students have completed their chart, they simply send a picture of the completed chart to the email or tag us on instagram @chorltonhighschool for prizes and recognition.


Developing the Reading Habit

The importance of reading is undeniable. Children who are read to regularly by the age of 5, perform better in maths, vocabulary and spelling at age 16, compared to those who were not read to at home. Similarly, teenagers who read independently are the ones who do best in school according to an Institute of Education survey. Not to mention the benefits to mental health and future wellbeing.

At CHS we are encouraging students to aim for 20 minutes of reading each day. It doesn’t have to be in one session; it can be chunked down. It doesn’t matter whether they read a physical book, an e-book, an informational website connected to something they have been learning about, a graphic novel... so long as they are reading!

In order for students to see how their reading progress is mounting up, and so that we can celebrate their reading miles, we are launching Developing the Reading Habit. For each 15 minute session of reading a student does, they collect a signature and fill up their reading passport. Each passport equates to 10 hours of reading, broken down in to 15 minute chunks. When students have completed a passport, simply take a picture and email it, along with the student’s name and form, to in order to get a reading certificate and to be in with the chance of winning a prize. There are three prizes available for each year group. Not able to print off the chart? Not to worry. It is the reading that matters. Simply collect 40 signatures on a piece of paper and send us a picture.

Developing the reading habit reward chart


Accessit Library Catalogue

At home, but want to find out what we have in the library?

Need some new ideas of what to read?

Want to renew your books for the holidays?  

Do you fancy reading an eBook on your computer or tablet?

Would you rather relax and listen to an audiobook?

Chorlton High School’s new library catalogue can do all of these things and more. The Accessit web app has everything in one place. It’s easy to use and is your key to finding out what’s in the library.

Video Tutorials

Check out some of these short video tutorials below to get the most out of the library catalogue.

Information on using the Library Catalogue

Video: How to use your library web app

Write Reviews on your favourite books!

Video: How to write reviews

Make lists of your favourite books

Video: How to create a book list

Want to be informed of new books and resources?

Video: How to set up your interests



The Borrowbox service is available online from your local public library. It is a wonderful way of reading online and there is a huge selection of books available for students and young people to download. To access this, you do need to be a member of your local library. However, you can sign up now and get a temporary membership number that allows you to access Borrowbox.

All the Greater Manchester authorities use Borrowbox, so wherever you live you should be able to sign up.

Borrowbox - User Information, Manchester Libraries

Click here for more information on Borrowbox.

We hope that access to these digital libraries will supplement the reading material that students have at their disposal, so that they are able to enjoy all of the benefits that reading for pleasure brings.


Below you will find resources to help support reading at home.

Supporting Reading at Home

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