Don’t get bored in the holidays!

Why not take part in our Summer Reading Challenge? 

What can I read?

You can read anything. Football books, joke books, stories and eBooks.

You can even listen to an audio book and that counts!

How many books do I have to read?

You need to read at least 4 books over the summer holidays.  Fill in the review sheet in the booklet below, or log into our new library catalogue and write a review on a book. 

I don’t have many books at home?

No problem!

  • Take out books from your local library over the summer. Find your nearest library and check opening times here. You may have to get your joining form signed by a parent or guardian if you aren’t already a member. Click Here for a list of local libraries.
  • Use the Accessit Chorlton High School Library Catalogue. You can borrow and eBook or even listen to an audiobook.

  • For more information on Accessit Library Catalogue, see below.
  • Use Borrowbox to read eBooks and Audiobooks. For more information on Borrowbox, see below.

What do I win?

Every student that takes part will win a goody bag.  

I’m going into Year 10 or 11. Can I still take part?

Definitely!  The Summer Reading Challenge is for all Year Groups.

Read to Relax

Whatever you choose to read, make sure that you relax and enjoy your reading!


Accessit Library Catalogue

At home, but want to find out what we have in the library?

Need some new ideas of what to read?

Want to renew your books for the holidays?  

Do you fancy reading an eBook on your computer or tablet?

Would you rather relax and listen to an audiobook?

Chorlton High School’s new library catalogue can do all of these things and more.  The Accessit web app has everything in one place.  It’s easy to use and is your key to finding out what’s in the library.

Video Tutorials

Check out some of these short video tutorials below to get the most out of the library catalogue.

Information on using the Library Catalogue

Video: How to use your library web app

Write Reviews on your favourite books!

Video: How to write reviews

Make lists of your favourite books

Video: How to create a book list

Want to be informed of new books and resources?

Video: How to set up your interests



The Borrowbox service is available online from your local public library. It is a wonderful way of reading online and there is a huge selection of books available for students and young people to download. To access this, you do need to be a member of your local library. However, you can sign up now and get a temporary membership number that allows you to access Borrowbox.

All the Greater Manchester authorities use Borrowbox, so wherever you live you should be able to sign up.

Borrowbox - User Information, Manchester Libraries

Click here for more information on Borrowbox.

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