19 June 2019

Keeley Crompton, star student, has been Highly Commended in the Learner of the Year – Against All Odds category of the NCFE Aspiration Awards, while completing her Level 2 Certificate in Food and Cookery.

Keeley’s education was initially held back by her physical health along with a lack of confidence. Her engagement with secondary education has improved year-on-year, going from 56% attendance in Year 7 to 96% in Year 11. Keeley and her teachers believe this is due to a positive change in mind-set, which has helped her confidence and motivation to grow immensely, especially since beginning the Level 2 Certificate in Food and Cookery.

Keeley commented: “I feel proud of myself for how I have turned things around at school as my attendance in Year 7 and 8 wasn’t great, but I knew change was needed and that the change had to come from me.
It’s not always easy to change how you think about things and at times I still struggle and don’t always feel like I’m doing well. However, I think it’s important to have the ability to keep going and to trust those around you to support you."



Mr Langstaff, Keeley’s form teacher said: “Keeley is a huge source of pride for me following 5 years as her form tutor. To have taken steps to change her own mind-set about education and to ensure she is being the best she possibly can be shows an immense maturity and will to succeed.
Her engagement with school has improved year on year to the point where in Year 11 she has had excellent attendance and equipped herself well to tackle the exams she has prepared for. She is funny, resilient and motivated to become a success in life.

I am delighted that Keeley has been recognised for this award, the culmination of five years of improvement and progress, often in the face of personal setbacks – well done Keeley!”

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