18 October 2019

September saw Roald Dahl’s birthday and Chorlton High School celebrated the wonderful magnificent world of Roald Dahl. The master storyteller is not only known for his amazingly funny children’s books, but also for his creative use of language and in particular, the way he made up words. Made-up words might sound a bit "propsposterous" (that's "ridiculous"), but to Roald Dahl, they were a way of making sure his young readers were entertained and didn't get bored when reading his books. Gobblefunk is the official term for these words and the greatest gobblefunk user of all, was the BFG (Big Friendly Giant)!

Students were challenged to create their own gobblefunk and there were some amazingly creative results.

In top place was Year 7 student Daniel with his super gobblefunk, “Superpizzaism” - a deep belief in pizza! We can all believe in that!

Second place went to Year 8 student, Ella for “Polyplayable”, something that can be played/watched many times and still be consistently amazing!

Third place went to Mai for her “Monoshoeism”, the belief of only wearing one shoe!

Thank you to all who took part in this creative competition.

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