25 October 2019

In their Arts and Technology subjects, Year 7 celebrated the Mexican tradition Day of the Dead!  Students chose to spend the full day in their favourite subject and ended the day with a celebration event in the Blue Box Theatre.

Year 8 investigated the amazing human body! Tom from Medical Mavericks came into school to deliver a session on the NHS, medical procedures and career paths available in health care.

“The Human Guinea Pig show! This takes students on a journey through the NHS with some fab live demos and fascinating video footage of some of the medical tests I’ve been through for the fun of it! This includes a bronchoscopy, so you get to see the inside of my lungs!” – Tom Medical Mavericks.

The student then went on to three separate workshops where they learnt more about the human organs, how to study DNA and ethical issues including the science of saving lives. Students also got the chance to investigate light and its importance in ICT.

Year 9 explored the different communities and lives affected by the Holocaust. We are extremely privileged to announce that all students had the chance to meet a Holocaust survivor and learn first-hand of his experiences.  This was a real opportunity to develop students’ empathy and a sense of community.

Year 10 spent the day developing their mental fitness in a range of exciting and challenging activities with the PE and English departments.

Year 11 spent their morning developing new revision strategies to help support their college entry exams.  Then, during the afternoon, they had the opportunity to focus on their wellbeing with activities such as pet therapy, reading and meditation.

Thank you to all our brilliant visitors and guests, and to all our fantastic students and staff for making this day such an amazing celebration!

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