27 January 2021

Our students are currently studying music videos during Media Studies, exploring the use of different camera angles and movements to create meaning for their audience. 

Students were asked to storyboard, film and edit their own video inspired by the music of Pharrell Williams and his track ‘Happy'. We received a brilliant variety of excellent videos, but we were absolutely blown away by the video below. It’s creator, Albara from Year 9, provides an articulate and enthusiastic insight into his creative process below.


“Being a passionate Media Studies student, I have always dreamed of being a film maker. From an early age, my sister and I pretended to be actors and producers and made our own short films. As part of a school project, I have created my own music video version of the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. In our current times, and with the pandemic, I truly think that we must remain connected and optimistic at all times, and a song like 'Happy' never fails to put a smile on people's faces, including mine. My long-time childhood hobby has now become something I can study and truly appreciate in depth. I hope that through my Media Studies, I will be able to pave a path and begin a journey where film becomes an international tool of communication - something we truly need as humans.”

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