1 April 2022

Quality education does not stand still, it adapts and refreshes as part of a daily process to provide the very best opportunities and exceptional outcomes for students. At Chorlton High, we pride ourselves for being at the forefront of educational standards, practice, and development. Our teaching staff look beyond their own classrooms and departments, broadening their subject vocabulary and using cognitive science to design knowledge rich curriculum. Students are equipped with skills, routines, and resources to develop as self-regulated learners. We want them to be prepared, ready to evaluate their strengthens and to activate personal study habits to meet upcoming or unexpected challenges.

We are here to maximise every possibility for academic progress, achievement and for successful life chances.



It is with great pleasure to announce the receipt of two new Awards, Climate for Learning and Wellbeing, recognition by the SSAT for meeting the highest standards of their Framework for Exceptional Education.



"It is abundantly clear that the wellbeing of both staff and pupils is an absolute priority for Chorlton High School. The incredibly thoughtful and wide-ranging support put in place is both transformative and the impact it has on staff and pupils is sustainable due to both the willingness of the school leadership to retain this aspect of their work as a priority, and the open culture that has been cultivated to ensure that the practice can develop further in response to an ever changing picture. Staff and pupils rightly appreciate the focus on their wellbeing that genuinely permeates all aspects of practice at Chorlton. This principled, moral leadership is to be admired and is hugely impressive." - SSAT

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