4 May 2022

A group of people, working together to achieve a common goal - to help others in need.

The invasion of Ukraine has been a sudden and terrifying situation for young people. Their lives altered and futures displaced. With many now seeking refuge in neighbouring countries and far beyond.

Cities, families, and friends torn apart. Engulfed within a situation out of control. Our students reacted to this news with instant empathy. Individuals, classmates, tutor and Year groups began to organise charity drives. Volunteer activities and fundraising events took place during break and lunch times. Students and staff empowered our community with kindness, compassion and charity. Motivated to help by the immense resilience seen on TV and across social media.

Our school came together to raise over £3500. So far!



This amount has far surpassed our initial expectations!

We are grateful for the generosity and support shown by our wider community. Thank you all for your efforts.

Donations will go to assist the work of Choose Love, Help Refugees, Care UK (Refugee Aid Chorlton) and Comic Relief.

Our young people's optimism will continue to be the beacon of light in a sometimes dark world.


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