16 May 2022

We are very excited to be continuing our work towards accreditation as a School of Sanctuary.

Culture and heritage are the building blocks of our identity. Language enables us to communicate and express who we are. Combined, they define the ways we live, interact, and learn with each other. Communication, and the expression of ourselves, contributes to our feeling of being safe within our community, and are key to our growth and wellbeing.

Each day, alongside all our students, our school community is built together. We work to support self-confidence and cultivate a love of learning and provide everyone with opportunities to see themselves as valued and participating members. This is no different for our EAL (English as an Additional Language) students.

Being new to a country, a school and, especially a language, is a challenge facing a portion of our students. Their Learning Journey may have taken a different route, on an unknown road, towards a sense of isolation and apprehension. It is our commitment, to welcome and support them. Our community is enriched by their presence, only if their voice is heard.

We work with multi-lingual mentors to introduce and inspire our students who are new to English. Currently, they are creating beautiful artworks celebrating both who they are, and where they are from. Our EAL students have embraced the AQA Unlocking Potential project, A mentoring programme delivered by world class athletes from the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. They have organised a Ukraine Walk for Peace for the whole of Year 7, and this will take place during the Summer term.

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