As a parent or carer of a child at Chorlton High School you play an important role in your child's education. We believe that an individual's success in school depends on a successful and effective partnership between students, home and school.

As a school, we maintain high levels of contact with parents. Members of staff will often write to parents, contact them by telephone or invite them in to discuss issues of importance about their child's welfare and progress. Likewise, we encourage parents to contact us if they have any concerns they would like to discuss. There are regular Parents' Evenings throughout the school year where parents can speak to their child's subject teachers.

The parents’/carers’ role

Young people should feel supported by their parents/carers in their studies. To support the development of organisational skills, Year 7 and 8 pupils will be issued with their own Future Foundations handbook which encourages them to reflect on their progress and set appropriate pledges each half term.  All pupils are encouraged to share Home Learning deadlines with parents/carers.  Every parent/carer can help by:

  • Taking an active interest in their child’s work
  • Making sure all doddle assigned home learning is completed and handed in on time
  • Informing the school as soon as possible if there are any concerns

Helping Your Child Achieve The Best – Organisation is the key

In the first few weeks of Chorlton High School the form tutors will be helping students get organised. Parents and carers can help too.We ask you to ensure that your child:

  • Attends school every day
  • Arrives on time (at 8.30 am)
  • Wears full school uniform
  • Brings a school bag that contains the right equipment, including a pen, pencil, ruler and books for the day’s lessons.
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings to discuss your child’s progress in each subject

Supporting your child at home

Doddle is an online teaching and learning resource for students at CHS. Doddle allows students to access and complete their homework online and it also has a bank of learning and revision materials that students can access at any time.

Doddle can be accessed at

Parent Events

Family Learning & Experiences

There are a range of family learning events that take place each year, including Parent Involvement Evening and Parent Support events. These evenings are designed to encourage pupils and parents to learn together to raise attainment and aspirations. Parents are invited to attend Family Reading sessions, Maths support evenings and Parenting skills classes. All events are advertised in the Chorlton Connection, via school comms and on the website

Parents' Evenings

Each Year group has one Parents’ Evening per year which allows parents to see the subject teachers of their child (these dates are available on the calendar section of the website).  Parents’ Evenings are always busy, and we encourage parents to bring their children with them to listen to their teachers’ comments.

Language Access

The school would like to ensure that all parents can access information about the school and their children’s progress. If any parents/carers need additional support please contact the school.

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