We encourage all parents and carers to use our School Gateway system for putting money electronically onto school dinner accounts. This reduces the need for your child to bring cash into school but also saves your child time during their limited break and lunchtime periods. If you have any problems accessing this system please do not hesitate to contact the school and we can support you with this. If needed we can issue you with a PayPoint voucher to be able to upload cash at your local store onto the School Gateway account, rather than providing cash to your child.

If you do not wish to access the School Gateway service, it is currently still possible for your child to upload cash to their accounts.

Cash payments can be made into an automatic cash revaluation terminal located in the school dining room which is set to accept:

£20 - £10 - £5 Notes

£2 - £1 - 50p - 20p - 10p coins

(1p – 2p – 5p coins, cannot be used).

To use the machine the student simply places their finger on a scanner at the point of sale; a display will show the server the student’s name, tutor group and current cash balance held within the system. The student then puts the cash into the machine, presses a button and the cash will be added onto their account.

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