Raising Aspirations & Unleashing Talent at Chorlton High School

Our aims:

  • To give everyone the confidence to have hopes and dreams and not have aspirations held back by background, circumstances or low expectations of what life will deliver.
  • To celebrate the successes of our young people and ensure they are given every opportunity to be the best they can be.

As a school we are committed to ensuring all our young people have opportunities to experience and take part in school events, helping them to aspire and succeed.

Access to these experiences starts in the classroom. Our students access creative and independent learning in every classroom and are challenged to be inquisitive learners who take responsibility for their learning.

Our ‘PR Agenda’ is a crucial part of our ethos;  students take personal responsibility to succeed and are encouraged to adopt an ‘I can approach. To secure this vision inspirational messages and photographs adorn the school corridors and social areas providing students with thoughtful and reflective words of wisdom. Working in tandem with the CHS Qualities of Success, we ask our students to develop key attributes to allow them to succeed. These are: resiliency, practice, responsibility, optimism, curiosity, creativity, empathy, reflection and motivation. Furthermore, we believe that there is a M.A.P. to their success that encourages them to consider manners, appearance and punctuality at all times. In an increasingly challenging climate and society, resilliency, social skills, optimism and creativity are the cornerstones to success. Taking personal responsibility from a young age helps our students develop, nuture and refine those skills, ultimately leading them to be successful, creative and happy individuals.

‘Esteeming Experiences’ outside the school classroom are abundant at our school. Such experiences include extensive access to specialist workshops, seminars, trips and residential visits. Our extra-curricular programme is a strength of the enrichment opportunities available to all students. Over 60 activities are on offer every week, providing students with a wide variety of enrichment activities every day of the school week..

We organise a range of career events to inspire our young people to consider the careers opportunities available to them in subjects they feel passionate about. These experiences result in students feeling that they have a clear understanding of the different pathways open to them and the opportunities working in specific professions can provide them. Our career events are supported by professionals from our local community and whet young people’s appetites for a professional career.

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