We have a commitment to a diverse and cutting edge range of enrichment activities and high quality opportunities outside of the usual curriculum. These activities are an important and exciting feature of school life and contribute enormously to our students’ academic, personal and social development. Our aim is to develop learners who are confident, resilient, well-rounded citizens; that they understand the world’s communities and are ready to discover their place in it.
Please encourage your child to embrace the vast array of opportunities available to them at Chorlton High School by attending at least one extra-curricular activity, supporting their community pledge and extending their subject knowledge and passion in our Read/Watch/Visit enrichment offer.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding extra-curricular please contact Ms Shale:


Current Enrichment offer

Please use the link below to download a copy of our latest Enrichment Offer Booklet


Twitter: @chorltonhigh and Instagram: @chorltonhighschool


Previous Enrichment offer - READ WATCH VISIT

READ WATCH VISIT - web links pdf

We have attempted to ensure the web links provided in the Read Watch Visit booklet above work. However, if you do come across any technical issues or links that do not work, please use the PDF list below to cut and paste the link into your browser.

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