Our aim is to nurture and develop each student. We therefore allow them to take part in a range of Extended Learning Experiences (ELE Days) where we collapse the regular timetable and offer a range of creative and exciting opportunities for our students.

We seize the opportunity to deliver key elements of our Life Skills curriculum through these days allowing economic well-being and financial capability, citizenship and personal health and well-being to be a central focus over the days.  These innovative and exciting days not only develop learning and foster creativity, but also widen students' experiences and open up new horizons and opportunities to discover talents, passions and hobbies that they may never have considered before. We also aim to give the students real life experiences and foster opportunities for them to work with a range of experts and practitioners from the local community and beyond.

Recent examples of ELE day themes and activities includes:

  • I SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO IT - Year 7 worked with community groups such as Together Dementia and Chorlton Good Neighbours to explore our community and how we celebrate its diversity and actively contribute to making it a better place.
  • EMPLOYABILITY IN THE CREATIVE SECTOR - Year 8 pupils have had the opportunity to opt for a creative subject of their choice giving them a taste of different subjects before they begin their pathways process. They have also explored different career opportunities in the creative sector with experts and professionals from their area of interest. 
  • DIVERSITY, DISCRIMINATION & RIGHTS - Year 10 have explored diversity with external charities such as LGTB and Human Rights with the People's History Museum whilst Year 9 have an Autumn ELE dedicated to The Holocaust. This includes the great honor of meeting a survivor, a unique and moving experience for all. 
  • IGNITE FESTIVALYear 7 students take part in a carousal of activities to celebrate the work they have done on Oracy throughout the year. This includes a visit to The People’s History Museum to explore The Art of Protest, comedy workshops, the language of advertising and team building and survival workshops. All of which explore the power of language and help the pupils write and perform their own IGNITE speeches.
  • GRADUATION FESTIVAL - Working within Arts, Technology and Computing, Year 8 students planned and coordinated a large scale festival to mark their graduation into Key Stage 4. This ELE culminates in a Graduation Festival for Year 8 with performances, ice-cream vans and a photo booth!
  • CAREERS & ENTERPRISEOne- day enterprise challenge supported by www.ourfutures.co.uk and industry professionals from across the North West. Pupils worked in differentiated business roles within teams to develop a range of products and trade with industry professionals.
  • WORK EXPERIENCE - Year 10 students all complete a two-week work experience placement in the Summer Term to prepare them for working life. 


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