Teaching internship: a four-week placement available to undergraduates who are interested in teaching as a career. 

Chorlton High School is pleased to offer paid 4 week Teaching internships for undergraduates interested in teaching as a career.

The internship aims to give STEM undergraduates the opportunity to immerse themselves into a secondary school context. The internship covers the pedagogy of teaching Mathematics and Physics, to ensure interns have a full understanding of common student misconceptions and how to address these. Training also includes effective teaching methods and sharing of best practice examples including; schemes of work, lesson plans and resources. The four weeks gives interns experience across all aspects of teaching, with the idea that it will help inform their decision on applying for teacher training. 

As part of the placement, interns will have a Subject Mentor who work with and support them daily allowing them to experience:
•    lessons in KS3 and KS4
•    how to work as a Teaching Assistant in the department
•    leading practical aspects of lessons 
•    leading small group invention. 
•    lesson planning

Chorlton High School will also provide training workshops on useful skills including ‘pitch, voice and presence’ and ‘effective questioning’ as well as subject specific training. All interns will also take part in joint planning and delivery - interns will observe and feedback to each other then plan another lesson. 

There is so much more to school life than just teaching your subject specialism so whilst on placement Interns are attached to a form group and support with weekly messenger, rewards and assemblies. Interns also join their department for a weekly curriculum planning meetings and are invited to the whole school Monday meeting cycle. Interns are also encouraged to join an extra-curricular activity, ideally outside of their subject area to give them a new experience in another part of the school. Finally, during week 3 interns are part of the school’s ‘Extended Learning’ days. These days consist of a range of activities including sports day, oracy workshops, KS3 graduation Arts festival, business and enterprise sessions and various school trips.

Internship Requirements 

To be considered for this internship interns must be a STEM undergraduate in their penultimate year at university. The internship is best suited to those who have an interest in teaching as a career. Interns are required to complete a short application and will be invited for a tour of the school with the Leader of Initial Teacher Training, followed by an interview. Interns are expected to commit to the four-week placement. 

2019 cohort

We welcomed 14 STEM interns from a range of undergrad studies, such as Mathematics, Physics, Physics with Philosophy, Physics with Astrophysics, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. They fully immersed themselves into school life from day one, including supporting charity work taking place during their first week, which happened to be Refugee Week. They created a range of projects, such as STEM careers, females for Physics, Art in Physics, Maths student mentoring programme and Maths for successful baking club. This was alongside their normal teaching time and extra-curricular clubs they supported! The interns had a positive impact both within the Science and Maths departments and whole school and we hope to see them perusing a career in teaching. 

Download application form and send to Alice Girault: A.Girault@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk 

CHS Application_STEM Internship 2019

Or you can apply directly below:

Quick apply online - Teaching internship

2020 cohort

Vacancies now open for up to 16 interns. Applications will close on 13th March and send applications to Alice Girault: A.Girault@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk 


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