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Chorlton High School really value the opinions of our students past because they are in the unique position of having experienced all five years at our school. Please watch and read what some of our lovely students had to say about their experience at our school.


Meet Alex


A message from Rosy

I’ve just started college, and part of me is already missing Chorlton High school. I miss the teachers, who inspired me in subjects that I thought I would hate, who always had time for me to ask questions and who would explain things as many times as it took for me to understand. I miss the subjects, where you never felt too cramped by academics or arbitrary learning because creativity was encouraged in every subject. I miss the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning and feeling optimistic about school, knowing that however the rest of my day had gone I would have music, and with that a designated period of creativity and expression that every student who takes an art subject will grow to love. I miss a lot about Chorlton High, things that I took for granted at the time, like some of the amazing opportunities I had. As a member of the whole school council I travelled to London twice, once to collect an award and once to speak at a Fabian Society Conference on Intergenerational events and ways to bring our communities together, a theme that we worked really hard on at school, inviting in the elderly frequently to socialise and to swap skills. Extracurricular activities such as the school musical were not only incredibly enjoyable but really boosted my confidence and helped me interact with people with similar interests to me, and I found some of my closest friends through them.

I guess the most important thing about Chorlton High for me is that it wasn’t just a school. Although of course the curriculum and delivering the highest standard of education was a priority, I will look back on my time there and remember the people, staff, and community that made me feel happy and safe, and the knowledge that although school is always going to have its ups and downs, there wasn’t a single day across all 5 years where I regretted my choice of high school.


Meet Kaynat


A message from Jessie

For me, the most wonderful thing about my time at Chorlton High were the teachers that I had, both those that taught me and those that looked out for me over the 5 years that I was there. I really believe that Chorlton High School has some of the most incredible, talented, inspiring and warm staff, and, especially in year 11, when the bond with your teachers needs to be the strongest, I felt that I could trust their knowledge and expertise entirely. I'm only sad that I didn't have the chance to finish the journey, but I hope that every member of staff at CHS who helped me become the person I am now knows how grateful I am to them. 


A message from Thomas

My five years at CHS went by very fast. I remember being lost around school corridors, then finally not being the ‘little Year 7s’, choosing my GCSE subjects, meeting the teachers I would spend the next 3 years with and then came year 11 and exams were only around the corner. 
I was able to take part in many enjoyable activities, especially outside of lesson time: badminton club, playing music with new people and getting to use a camera in the last 2 years. All this led me to have new interests and hobbies, with different and diverse ideas and it made me think in ways I had not thought before.

One of the stand outs, was the music department who really supported you whether you were doing GCSE or not, organising concerts and Battle of the Bands, and even organising concerts for us outside of school. Another, was my maths teacher, who taught me for 2 years, who truly inspired me, it’s a subject which I am continuing for A level in College.


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