Below, hear from our brilliant students, they discuss new opportunities, provide advice for new starters, share their initial worries, and describe their best Chorlton High moments so far.


Evie joined Chorlton High from St John's Primary School, has performed in two musical productions, and is Year 7 Football captain.


Ezekiel joined Chorlton High from St John's Primary School, has made lots of new friends, and reads a personal statement about school.


Reuben joined Chorlton High from Chorlton C of E Primary School, is a national recognised swimmer, and plays for our school football and basketball teams.


Lola joined Chorlton High from Brookburn Primary School, has performed in our school musical and arts festival, and has great advice for Year 6 students!


Ioannis joined Chorlton High from Oswald Road Primary School, has improved his health and fitness by playing sports and found Drama has improved his confidence!

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