“I believe that at the end of the century, the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted”
- Alan Turing 

Studying Computing at Chorlton High School allows our students to be prepared for a digital world, digital careers and how to use digital systems safely and responsibly.

Students will be taught the key skills to develop their digital literacy and awareness of computational thinking.

We aim to help our learners to become happy, successful and creative through our curriculum with students exploring a range of ways that the technology, they interact with on a daily basis, works and operates. Students are also able to develop their awareness through applying some of these in skillful tasks and activities. 


Our Computing department has grown and developed in many fantastic ways over the last couple of years with an excellent team of teachers with specialist knowledge in Computer Science, Digital Information Technology (ICT) and Business.

We have developed a broad and rich curriculum for students across all Year groups trying to cover a wide range of topics in computing that engage our students such as:

  • Programming and Algorithms
  • Coding
  • Cyber Security.

We are proud of how our curriculum is shaped and being delivered in the classroom. 

We are pioneering the use of MS Teams at Chorlton High School and our Computing and Business teams are using this to help support students and staff across the school. 

We are also growing our number of students both opting for our GCSE and BTEC offer at Key Stage 4 and showing an upwards trajectory with the results being achieved by students. 


Fancy yourself as a code breaker?

Cracking codes is all about your resiliency and your ability to overcome challenges. 

Why not try some of the crack the code challenges provided on the Bletchley Park website (see the link below).


Bletchley Park was once the top-secret home of the World War Two Codebreakers is now a vibrant heritage attraction. Learn more about their important role and coding from a time before computers were created!


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