‘We dance for laughter, 
We dance for tears, 
We dance for madness, 
We dance for fears, 
We dance for hope, 
We dance for screams, 
We are the dancers, 
We create the dreams’

- Albert Einstein

We study dance in order to inspire creativity, develop curiosity and explore the limitless capabilities of our bodies. 

We challenge our students to respond to the world around them and to find ways to communicate their ideas, motivate others and present themselves with confidence and flair. We work in an environment that is built on mutual respect for the subject and those studying it. We promote fun. 

We reap the benefits of studying a subject that provokes debate, opportunities to problem solve and advocates physical and mental wellbeing. Studying dance allows us to engage with different cultures, and historical events. We are researchers, performers, creators, leaders and independent learners. 

Studying Dance at Chorlton High School is an investment in the future; the versatility it offers means that our students become highly skilled in a number of areas. As well as evoking a passion and appreciation for dance and theatre with a good grounding for further vocational study in performance, this subject will also provide a broad range of transferable skills which sets our students apart from others. 

Our learners are confident presenters of ideas, articulate, empathetic and curious; they know how to work with others to bring an idea to life. They can plan effectively, work under strict time pressures and can unpick theatrical design (whether that’s set, costume, lighting or sound) to find meaning. Dance challenges our learners to be driven, independent individuals. 


As a department we pride ourselves on giving our students a varied curriculum that encompasses a range of dance styles, studying of professional works and exploring wider world issues. We regularly make links with professional dance artists and companies and offer a full enrichment programme of clubs, performance companies, cross curricular projects and theatre visits. We are particularly pleased that we have a number of alumni in dance training and performance careers.


On paper write a list of five things you do in the morning, such as: 

  • Get out of bed.
  • Stretch.
  • Wash face.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Get dressed.

Now create a movement or gesture that represents each thing.

Using basic dance actions (jump, turn, travel, balance/stillness, fall), include two actions in between the ‘morning gestures’ on the list you have created.

Rehearse your phrase from start to finish and then perform it to your family.


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