"Who in the world am I?"

- Alice. Alice in Wonderland.

The modern world is exciting, fast-paced and ever- developing. Media presence in all of our lives is constant and increasingly influential. It is vital that we arm our students with the understanding and knowledge to recognise the signs and codes of media products, in order to navigate their world.  

  • Empowering through understanding.
  • Planning for future. 
  • Developing marketable skills: editing, using Photoshop, creating PowerPoint presentations, ‘Elevator Pitches’.
  • Improving cultural capital.

Students need to have a sense of history about what came before, and understand the culture and social context that surrounds the creation and development of all media products.


We are a busy, creative department. There is always something happening; we are researching, designing, planning, storyboarding, filming. editing, PhotoShopping, presenting, and always discussing. 

Media and understanding the media is crucial in today’s world and this department takes that very seriously.

Be creative - recreate a famous album/CD cover!

There are lots of free PhotoShop apps you can use.


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