“It is the task of all great religions to accommodate devout faith with a modern, multicultural world. No children – anywhere – should be educated to hate other people.”

- Barack Obama

It is our firm belief that in order to understand the world, you need to understand religion. Religion is so intertwined in our history, society and culture. Through a variety of teaching strategies, study of diverse world views and current issues we enable our students to understand what’s going on in the world and break it down so they can make sense of it.

Learning about different faiths, cultures and lifestyles is one of the many lessons that Religious Education offers. In fact, no other subject provides the same opportunity to learn about different communities from around the world. The Religious Education curriculum at Chorlton High gives students a chance to develop an understanding of different cultures and an empathy for people from all walks of life.

At Key Stage 3 RE, in addition to learning about beliefs and practices of the six main world religions, students consider the many possible answers to ultimate questions such as ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Is there life after death?’ and ‘Why is there evil in the world?’. Later in the course, students are encouraged to address ethical and moral issues such as ‘Should we be able to choose when we die?’ ‘Is prison effective?” and ‘Is there ever a just war?’
Throughout the five-year course students are taught to think critically. Through debate students develop their reasoning skills and ability to appreciate opinions that differ from their own. By the end of the course students are well equipped to effectively articulate their own beliefs, interrogate arguments and to question and evaluate effectively.


We feel that the RE department reflects and celebrates the diverse nature of our school and wider community. We tackle big issues and current events in a bold, yet sensitive way, ensuring our students become young adults who are comfortable entering into intellectual debate. We equip our students with the knowledge, understanding, and empathy to be fiercely caring for their fellow human beings and to respect the rights of others.

Our department echoes the cooperative values of our school and always champions the power of our young people, helping them to find their voice and to use it as a tool for positive change.

Research and design a poster on human rights

Research and Planning: What do you know about human rights? We all have them, but what makes them rights?
Watch this video to find out more: VIDEO LINK

Poster: Design your poster on paper or create it using a computer. Try to use as many visual representations of human rights as you can (for example, a pile of books and a teacher to show that we all have a right to an education) 

Try to make your poster as colourful and eye-catching as possible and include as many rights as you can!

Choose a right you feel strongly about, or the one you feel is most important and create a placard for it (a placard is like a big poster that shows your opinion).
Visit this website for more information on making a placard - TATE

Further research
Find all of the rights here: Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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