4 December 2019

Our sustainability strategy has been informed by the Student Eco Council and the Greater Manchester environmental strategy.


We wish to play in active role in raising awareness and taking action to make positive changes for all our global futures.

We support and will actively work towards supporting change in our community and in supporting the ambition of Manchester to be one of the Greenest Cities in Europe.



Our Strategy was developed following the findings of our Student Eco Council’s Audit and based on 'Student Voice' feedback from March 2019. This information, aligned with the Greater Manchester Environmental Strategy, has enabled us to develop a framework for future action planning.

Click here to read and download our Sustainability Strategy



To educate all members of our school community about need for environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, ensuring that all can make a positive impact on environmental sustainability within the local and global community.

To define and measure the environmental impact of the school's actions and activities and to subsequently develop and set targets to reduce its negative impact and reduce costs.

To ensure that both staff and students are encouraged to play an active role in the school’s environmental and sustainability agenda.

To encourage behavioural changes and increase participation in environmental and sustainability issues.


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