What are Progress Tests?

A Progress Test is an in-class assessment that will enable you and your teachers to know more about your knowledge in each subject. This allows both you and your teachers to track where you are at currently on your learning journey. We need to know what knowledge you have in your subjects. This helps us understand where you shine and how we can help you move forward in your learning SUCCESSFULLY! The Progress Test are made up of a mix of multiple choice, short, medium and long-answer questions that test students' knowledge of what they have been taught that term, and since the beginning of the year.


What to revise?

Most Curriculum Areas highlight the students' exercise books as the most important tool for revision purposes. The tests are predominantly on what has been covered over the past term although content of the test builds up over the academic year. It is also worth referring to the 'Frameworks For Learning' for further information.

Curriculum Leaders and Teaching staff have narrowed down the list of the most important information for students to revise through Home Study and these are shared with student as a Progress Test information booklet which can be found on this page, as well on Microsoft Teams and on the Student Intranet. Students are also given a copy of this when we Launch Progress Tests in assemblies and through form time. 


Home Study

Home Study is preparation for assessments and tests, reflection and gap filling after Progress Test assessments or Mocks (Year 11).  

In the build-up to our assessments, non-examined assessments (NEAs), coursework or any examinations, Home Learning becomes Home Study which is independent enquiry. This takes place during the second half term of each term.

Home Study is revision for Progress Testing.

We would recommend the following time be spent on Home Study for Progress Tests in the lead up to these assessments:

Year 7 & 8

Year 9

Year 10 and 11


1 to 1 ½ hours of study completed two to four times per week


1 ½ to 2 ½ hours of study completed three to four times per week


1 ½ to 2 ½ hours of study completed three to four times per week


Whilst home study is preparation for Progress Tests, students may also have some Home Learning Tasks set by their teachers during this time also. This may be set to further support with Home Study and Preparation. 

Feedback from the Progress Tests

Students should receive feedback from two sources. Firstly, they will receive a raw score which tells them how many marks they have gained; this will be supported by some analysis of how they have done in particular areas, with strengths highlighted along with specific areas for developments.

Secondly, we will send home short reports with Curriculum Progress Statements on which are a comparison of how students have done compared to students with a similar starting point. These are useful to see how well students are progressing and also how much effort is being made in each subject area.


What we do with the results

The Progress Tests generate information on how the students are doing in the subject. The results are one of many contributing factors to setting and set movements.


How can I support my child with their Progress Tests?

Use the guide below to see how we are preparing students in class to support them with their Progress Test preparation, so you can support them at home. 


Year 7 to 10 Progress Test Information

Students should use the information on the Progress Test information to study for their assessment. They should consider what topics they are required to know as well as any key terminology that will support them with the preparation for their Progress Test. 

We also have suggested revision strategies that they can use as part of their preparation. 

Year 7 - SPRING - Create Mind Maps                                                       SUMMER - Blurting

Year 8 - SPRING - Create Revision Cards                                                SUMMER - Summary Revision Cards

Year 9 - SPRING - Revision Cards & Ask and Friend (for self testing)      SUMMER - Leitner System

Year 10 - SPRING - Online resources (GCSE) Pod & Past Papers          SUMMER - Cornell Notes & Past Papers 


Year 7 to 10 Progress Test - Study Planners

we provide all students with a study planner. They should use this to map out their study across a 4 week period leading up to their assessments. On the study planner they will find the assessment dates for their core subjects (English, Maths and Science). Other subjects will be added based on a schedule set by school to help balance out the assessments students will have across Progress Test fortnight. This information will be shared during form time. 

The study planner also includes some useful hints and tips for students to support their Progress Test preparation and information about their suggested revision strategy. 


Supporting Students through Progress Tests 

This year we are developing a Home Study student intranet site to help students find information and relevant information about their Progress Tests. Student will be able to get important information about their Progress Tests as well as find Knowledge Organsiers to help support them when they are studying at home. 

This can be found in their Year Team on Microsoft Teams by clicking into the Home Study Student Site link at the top of the team page. The video below explains this to students and will be shown in form time sessions. 


Online Learning - Seneca and GCSEPod

All the information for Progress Tests can be found on the Student Intranet. This is available on the Year Team pages on Microsoft Teams. Students can use this to find information about the Progress Test, Copy of Study Strategies, Knowledge Organisers and copies of their Study Planners.

For students in Year 10 and 11 their are also past papers for assessment practice.

Students also have access to our online revision and homework platforms which contain lots of really useful revision materials.






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