At Chorlton High School we offer as much support as possible for our students eligible for Exam Access Arrangements. This page aims to help you understand more. 
How do we organise and prioritise Exam Access Arrangements? 
It is not possible to offer arrangements to all students in all subjects, so we prioritise, and we do this based on the exam, the course and the year group. 
•    Year 11 Exams are the highest priority and External Exams must have all access arrangements. This often means re-rooming classes or shutting off parts of the school to make them exam ready. 
•    Year 11 Internal Exams (not certified) have similar arrangements so that students get used to the processes and procedures. This gets them ‘exam ready’ 
•    Year 10 receive as much support as we can offer so that their exam experience is as close to the Year 11 experience as possible. 
•    In Years 7,8 and 9 students will receive Exam Access Arrangements in English, Maths and Science exams.  
What other support do we offer for students with Exam Access Arrangements? 
We endeavour to support all our students and to be consistent in our approach. Our Year 7-9 exams, where possible, will be a maximum 45 minutes long so that students with extra time or rest breaks can complete their exam within the hour-long lesson. 
Any students eligible for extra time and rest breaks will be given additional time after the lesson where needed. If, for any reason, extra cannot be provided after the lesson, then consideration must be given when marking which could lead to an adjustment in marks.

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