Student Support at Chorlton High School


Each student at Chorlton High is in a Tutor Group with a Form Tutor who acts as the key point of contact for parents and staff for all matters relating to the students in that form. Our form tutors work closely with their tutees and have an overview of academic progress and emotional well being.


Attached to each Year group there is a Year Team. This comprises of Head of Year who has overall responsibility for the pastoral care, safety and welfare of students, a Head of School who oversees the academic progress and monitoring, then supporting them is a designated Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher

A Learning Mentor is attached to each Year group. The mentors work closely with the Heads of Year to offer one to one support and group work sessions to students, as well as offering another point of contact for parents.



We have a dedicated Safeguarding Team at the school whose job it is to make sure that our children feel safe and are able to thrive and access fully their educational opportunities. The Team work hard to ensure that our students’ emotional, physical and welfare needs are being adequately met. They work alongside Children's Social Care and a wide range of other agencies to put quality interventions in place where students and their families require additional support out of school. Student safety is of paramount importance, not just whilst at Chorlton High School, but outside school hours too.

We offer support to students and their families for a whole range of things and we work closely with other support services and agencies, to whom we can make referrals and gain advice on particular issues.


Emotional Health and Well Being 

If a child feels they are in need of some emotional health support, they can access this through school. We have some in school support options 

  • THINC Room - Therapeutic Inclusion Room. A safe space, staffed by trained workers.
  • Young Persons Counselling Service - Our School Counsellor is on site 2 days a week offering scheduled sessions and a daily ‘drop in’.
  • 1Stop - A youth mentoring service, in school two mornings a week.

Therapeutic Inclusion (THINC) Room
Our trained team delivers play and art sessions to individuals and groups of students who may be dealing with personal issues such as bereavement or having difficulty engaging in lessons. Our THINC Room is designed to provide students with a comfortable, fun, safe haven in which to explore their difficulties and find solutions. Referrals are made through the Heads of Year and this resource is accessed by students in all Year groups. Student and parental feedback on the effects of these sessions for students continues to be extremely positive.

School Health Adviser
Our School Health Adviser offers a range of services for students including healthy eating, smoking cessation, sexual health and contraception. The School Health Adviser also provides us with valuable health information and support for students with medical conditions.

We also advise young people to access On line resources such as Kooth, Childline and Chat Health School has strong links and makes referrals to outside services such as:

  • CAMHS - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • 42nd Street - A central Manchester based service which supports young people with their emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Eclypse - Free and confidential drug and alcohol service for young people
  • Brook - Healthy lives for young people advice about relationships and sex education

A list of useful links can be found at the bottom of this page.


Family Support

We know how difficult family life can be, particularly bringing up teenagers. Our team deliver a course called ‘Parenting a Teen’. For more details about this please contact the Safeguarding Team.

We can also support you to access Manchester’s Early Help Offer if you are finding things particularly difficult. School will complete an Early Help Assessment which will allow you to access a range of resources - Financial, Physical, Emotional etc. for more details about Early Help, see here.


Keeping Children Safe

All staff at school work within the legislation around Keeping Children Safe in Education. We have a duty of care and if we have reason to believe that a child is at risk of harm we will refer to Children’s Services. Please see our Safeguarding Policy for further details.

Our Safeguarding Team are:

Mrs Xiberras - Assistant Headteacher (LAC Designated Teacher)

Ms Clavin - Safeguarding Officer

Ms Roberts - Safeguarding Officer

Contact our Safeguarding Team - 0161 882 1150 


Please CLICK HERE to view or download our Safeguarding Policy



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