20 October 2020

Over the past three years we have been working hard to develop our academic, enrichment and pastoral curriculum to ensure we offer a diverse and culturally rich experience for all students.



Last year, we received a letter from one of our recent leavers in response to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in America and across the world, who wanted to discuss and explore the ways we were, and are, decolonising our curriculum.
Click here for an insight into this campaign from our friends at BBC Bitesize.


This was a vital opportunity to share and reflect upon the changes to our curriculum with students who had recently studied at Chorlton High. In response, we are now aiming to support a regular feedback meeting with our alumni to gain valuable insight into the work we do in school.

Our continuing focus for this ongoing process is to be open to change, reactive in our approach and remain adaptable in response to societal, historical and cultural issues.

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