2 May 2022

We are here to make sure young people make the biggest impact possible. Our purpose is to unlock their passions, discover their potential and unleash a successful future for us all.



By providing inspiring learning opportunities, we encourage our students to take action. To make a difference, make positive contributions and realise that their actions count!

As a school, we promote sustainability and eco-friendliness wherever possible. Opportunities are growing in the Green Sector as more people, and more businesses, realise we must commit to a healthier planet. We invited a range of fantastic guests, including individuals and organisations to meet with our Year 9 students for a morning focusing on careers within this exciting sector. Students came prepared with questions, ready to make notes and gain as much information as possible. There was a real buzz around the event tables as introductions, conversations and discussions continued until break time.



Our huge thanks to everyone who attended. You've helped our young people to consider this area as a viable and rewarding career choice and to inspire young people to become the change they wish to see in the world.



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