9 February 2024

Image of Hope Not Hate 24

Throughout this week, Year 10 Whole School Councillors have run assemblies for every Year group to raise awareness and spread more love during 'Hope Not Hate week'. 

‘We think it's really important to try and spread the message’ explained Millie, Klara and Maude. 

The Whole School Councillors described their intention for each assembly to represent an opportunity for fellow students and staff to ‘come together as a community and spread more love and not hate’. They wanted this week to feel like it was ‘a starting point’, to open a conversation and encourage discussion. Each assembly wrapped up with an interactive quiz and chance for students in the audience to offer feedback on what engaged them and ways to reach out in the future.

Live performances during break time, alongside more quizzes and stickers for all to wear around school have helped to build on their success ‘It’s proof positive because there's a lot of interaction and I think so far we're doing well.’ Next the Council will report back to SLT and collate the kind wishes, messages, and notes they have received.

‘I think it was pretty positive start.’

We would like to thank Year 10 Whole School Council and everyone who encouraged and helped to make this such a positive event. A bit of welcome light in these long winter months.

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