Beyond the classroom is an initiative which we have set up in order to encourage our students to take part in a whole range of activities within their local community and as a result gain cultural capital.

Cultural Capital can be developed through experiences which students have beyond their day to day school lives. Taking part within a sports team, visiting museums and concerts, supporting the elderly or a local business are examples of activities which our students could undertake in order to enrich themselves and their understanding of the world around them.

On this page you will find links below for the KS3 cultural capital passports. Our year 7 and year 8 students have a copy of this, held by their form tutors, and are encouraged to bring in pieces of evidence in order for their form tutor to sign it off. Completed passports will go into a prize draw at the end of the year with prizes also awarded for the most creative pieces of evidence submitted.

The passports are not set in stone, so if you have completed an activity which has provided an amazing opportunity to learn ‘beyond the classroom’, bring in your evidence and your form tutors will tick off an appropriate/similar task.

For our older students we have our Beyond the classroom Map available for download below. These activities have been recommended by staff from a range of departments in school and enable students to consider what activities they would like to undertake in relation to their own interests and option choices.

Beyond the Classroom

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